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The public face of a company's marketing efforts and branding initiatives are crucial to their success in the marketplace. With information about athletes, teams and sponsors changing regularly within sports, a thorough Public Relations department is sometimes just as important as the news that they are distributing.


For sponsors or corporate partners, accurate and timely information helps make decisions that may affect their interaction with the relationship they have invested in. Being regularly updated on their team or athlete's performance provides a constant reminder of the investment made. 


For fans, the relationship that is formed by knowing as much up-to-date information about their team, driver, athlete, etc. is invaluable. The brand loyalty that develops from a fan knowing that they are "part of the team" by regularly being updated can directly translate to sales.

Outside of paid media, one of the easiest and cost effective ways to enhance your sports investments and brand initiatives is through Public Relations.  There is a vast array of sports media available, from online Web sites to magazines, radio and television Programming. Media depends on continuous information to create their articles and stories, particularly stories that come directly from the source.  In utilizing strategic public relations throughout their investments a company will receive a larger percentage of guaranteed coverage and "free" publicity.

Public Relations Functions:

  • Create and Manage content on Sponsored Websites

  • Promote Media Coverage of Sponsor Events and Initiatives

  • Provide up to the minute information regarding client's Sweepstakes, Promotions, and Marketing Initiatives

  • Coordinate with Athlete/Team's personnel

  • Coordinate Athlete, Team, and Celebrity Appearances

  • Build and Strengthen Relationship

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