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Most companies spend at least $2 in activation for every $1 spent in sponsorship.  SportsONE fully understands the importance of optimizing these investments through activation programs.


We work with our clients to research and understand activation elements that will support and complement their sponsorship and investment. Based on these findings, budgetary guidelines and established standards of measurement, we are able to create effective and successful activation programs.


With the right mix of activation and support, fans are given a memorable and positive impression of the client, while the client receives key results that will justify their investment.

Some of the many Activation Programs available through sports sponsorship are:


Marketing Displays at Sports Venues 


  • Data Collection Opportunities

  • Branding and Promotion

  • Product Sampling or Service Demonstrations

  • Media Support – Radio, Television, Print

  • Event Signage and Programs


Spokesperson Representation

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