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At SportsONE we consider a client event successful when everyone involved is both happy with the results and excited to experience that same event again. With that measurement of success in mind,  SportsONE has set the bar high for expectations in Event Management. A well-run event is one that seems to run itself and at SportsONE we know that carefully executed event management is key to a seamless transition between each of the moving parts.


Just a few of the wide range of events that SportsONE has executed includes:

  • Race Entitlement Fulfillment

  • Weekend Race Entitlement and Hospitality

  • Race Weekend "Honorary Pit Crew" Activation

  • Weeklong Vacation Packages

  • Autograph Sessions and Celebrity Appearances

  • Sponsorship/Partner Summit Meetings

  • Conference and Seminar Sessions

In addition to managing events across the Nation, our Event Management experience also includes events at international venues.


Some of the tasks involved in Event Management include:

  • Event Development

  • Location and Venue Search and Procurement

  • Organization of Tickets, Transportation, Housing, Etc.

  • Recruitment of Talent and Event Staffing

  • Marketing and Promoting of Event

  • VIP & Guests Movement

  • Hospitality Services

  • Contract with Vendors for Event Related Needs


"We possess a skill set that accurately out-performs our competition every time. With established industry relationships, careful time management, attention to detail, and an experienced support staff, these assets combine to form a fully functioning marketing team that is able to effectively manage events of all types and sizes."

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